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The planning and the implementation of a project like Steven Crosses Europe requires in addition to a lot of organising and designing efforts, also a lot of monetary means. I am therefore very grateful for every kind of support.
Since sponsoring always requires some service in return, I have decided to give the sponsors compensation for the effort! As soon as the reworking of my blog entries is done
the book about my America crossing can be ordered on this website. Unfortunately, there is only a German version planned so far.
By ordering Steven Bikes America the sponsor will not only contribute to my tour, but will also support the young illustrator, Irina Krez, who has designed the whole layout and added individual drawings.
Of course, additional donations are always welcome, too. The price of the book and other details will be published in due time.


If you can‘t wait for the book, you are very welcome to read an excerpt here:


As soon as all the drawing and layouting is done, Steven Goes America can be ordered here both as a PDF-dokument and a hard cover book. Prices, just like ordering and bank account info, will be published in due time. However, if you want to reserve a copy already, you can apply to cargra@hotmail.com

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