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Did my project arouse your interest? Would you like to support Steven Crosses Europe with your company?

In addition to an attractive online appearance and excitingly composed texts ensuring numerous readers, my team and I offer plenty of sponsoring considerations, including involvement and linking on this website, sales opportunity for presentations and copyrights for my texts.

Please contact steffen.grabenhof@hotmail.com for further information.

The planning and the implementation of a project like Steven Crosses Europe requires in addition to a lot of organising and designing efforts, also a lot of monetary means. I am therefore very grateful for every kind of support.

Since sponsoring always requires some service in return, I have decided to give the sponsors compensation for the effort! As soon as the reworking of my blog entries is done the book about my America crossing can be ordered on this website. Unfortunately, there is only a German version planned so far. By ordering Steven Bikes America the sponsor will not only contribute to my tour, but will also support the young illustrator, Irina Krez, who has designed the whole layout and added individual drawings. Of course, additional donations are always welcome, too. The price of the book and other details will be published in due time.

Thank you very much for your support!

Whatever this man touches turns to gold! Simon Broich is a design student at the ecosign Akademie für Gestaltung in Cologne and literally lives his profession of a communication designer. Simon‘s work focuses on concept based communication design. In his contributions to numerous projects at ecosign he has shown what conceptually reasonable design and an attractive appearance can achieve:

The concept ciclo, that was created in collaboration with Jonathan Schäper and is also utilized by Steven Crosses Europe, won first prize in Sustainble Living and Consuming competition in 2011. This contest was praised by the UNEP/Wuppertal Institute Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP) and the German Environmental Foundation.

Simon‘s latest project „Raumschiff“ (Spaceship), that was developed in collaboration with Aaron Wolber, Franziska Hemel and Fee Skiba in the course of the ADC fieldwork competition in 2012 can be viewed here: http://vimeo.com/41502406 For Steven Crosses Europe Simon Broich has designed the whole corporate identity including the Steven Crosses Europe logo, the layout of this website and numerous sponsoring application portfolios.

Contact: hi@simonbroich.de

For a professional web developer like Philipp Bergmann programming the Steven Crosses Europe website was not a big challenge. Since his graduation at the Kerschensteiner School in Reutlingen, Philipp has been working as a salaried web designer at the online advertising agency Wagnerwagner in Reutlingen.

Philipp first hit the headlines with the website www.where-is-this.com, having done the primary work on the concept, design and programming. The ingenious idea of the site is to upload pictures of unknown places, giving other users the opportunity to locate them on a world map.

For Steven Crosses Europe, Philipp Bergmann has programmed the website including the blog, the guestbook and the ciclo tachometer and was also involved in the design.

Contact: philipp.bergmann@bbk-stuttgart.de

Irina Krez is an illustration and communication design student at the ecosign Akademie für Gestaltung, where she recently passed an important design exam with honors.
Her illustrations, self-described as natural, authentic and playful are usually about interpersonal relations and anatomy. Because of her emotional and impulsive approach her drawings mostly have personal characters always transporting emotions, atmospheres and opinions.

Her unique drawing style, her observation skills, as well as her love of experimentation with different materials, have already provided her with several jobs. For the book Steven Bikes America to my America crossing, Irina was responsible for the entire layout and has added authentic drawings to my texts.

Contact: krez.irina@web.de

Having over 900 suscribers, Faktor N is THE internet platform in the matter of sustainability. This student and graduate portal offers news and innovations on the subject of sustainability almost everyday. These include products, initiatives, companies and events from sustainability apps for smartphones via advices for a sustainable career right up to CO2 calculators.
Faktor N kindly contracted into supporting Steven Crosses Europe and will occasionally cover the project in its blog.

Thanks for that!

Contact: oliver.adria@faktorn.de / www.faktorn.de
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