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The escape attempt

Thanks to many experiences since the end of my schooldays I have collected several impressions of our society that are slowly assembling into what seems to be a pretty messed up overall image.

It seems to me that life in our society is all about a game, that to win is the only important goal required. Meanwhile, it seems not to matter what means have to be taken to achieve this goal. Often it is luck, usually however rigged cards that lead one to victory. Honesty and good work hardly ever gets rewarded. Only as long as there are enough losers, there can be winners in this game that apparently can only be won by ignoring the needs and problems of others. As a winner you get away with everything, while losers are treated appropriately.

The goal of this game is money.
In our society you get admired and praised as an idol as soon as you have acheived this goal.
This even effects young people using twisted facts to pretend they are matching this idol.

I will no longer play this game, because in my opinion it reflects a wrong attitude of intangibles.
It‘s not the winning of this game, but one‘s behavior towards others – winners and losers alike – that constitutes a good person.
My trip may, therefore, also be considered as an attempt to escape from this society for a while.

I‘m playing another game: A game whose rules pertain only to me. A game that has no losers. A game, that has only one aim: Happiness.

My recipe for happiness

If you had a recipe, that to follow you were sure of, would lead you step by step closer to happiness, wouldn‘t you do everything to accomplish these steps, even if they seemed to be extremly difficult and undoable?

About two years ago I had one of the happiest days in my life, when I biked over a big red bridge into San Francisco.
Since then I have thought a lot about where this happiness came from. I‘m sure, that most people crossing the Golden Gate Bridge don‘t experience such happiness. So it might not have been caused only by the bridge itself…
Meanwhile, I think, that every hard day, every mountain to be crossed, every headwind to be born in these three month ahead, has enhanced the sight of the Golden Gate Bridge to one gigantic moment of happiness. I think that the personal worthiness of every instant can be enhanced, if you have to endure a lot in advance to acheive it.

The good thing about biking is that you can have these moments every day without needing any kind of special talent for it. Every person beeing in good health can ride a bike as soon as he or she has learned it once. Managing the difficulties of a project like my Europe trip is, in my opinion, therefore, not a question of beeing able to, but mainly of wanting to. And because I know what awaits me, once I dip my front tire into the Mediterranean Sea: I want to.

This feeling of satisfaction of having accomplished something big, you once decided to do and having done it right and honestly, is the goal of my game and has become my philosophy and motivation to accomplish things decently in everyday life of our society.
I‘m sure that my recipe is not the right one for every person but I think it is a decent alternative to the game of our society. However, it‘s a fact that all the mountains and headwinds of our lifes can be born a lot easier with this attitude.

„The happiness in life is not about having few or no difficulties, but to overcome all of them victoriously and gloriously.“

© Steffen Grabenhof · Gestaltung: Philipp Bergmann & Simon Broich

Made in Ehrenfeld and Stuttgart with love. ♥